What is

Are & related? is a run blog on Tumblr. is experimenting with republishing partial posts and pictures submitted by users on its new Tumblr blog

Such repostings are nothing new.  It’s a commonly used and well-known technique to share links with photos and article excerpts to Tumblr to promote websites and blogs in all industries and on all subject matters.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the material being posted about others on, reposting the content on a different platform could spell even more trouble for the victims whose reputations are being destroyed by questionable accusations and insulting posts on

Impact of Reposting to Cheaters.LOL

Victims of defamatory posts on now not only have web pages from Cheater Land showing up on search results for their name, they also have private information on appearing to the public online, further derailing their online reputations and personal privacy.  Moreover, those posted on are now finding that they have to remove negative information from not one revenge website, but two.

How are cheater reputation & removal companies handling this?

Many companies that provide arbitration services to delete posts from do nothing about the photo and excerpt on  Other ORM firms charge additional fees to remove your information from, even if you’ve already paid for removal.  Don’t work with companies that try to take advantage of your sensitive situation.  Contact us today to connect with a trusted reputation company that’s post removal has been tested and verified.

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